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  • Felgueiras

Felgueiras is located in the district of Porto, it is in the municipality of Felgueiras that 50% of national production of footwear is exported. This industry, which is the highest contributor towards the economy of this city, has helped increase the number of jobs.

If you go to Felgueiras, you'll find a very large number of factories throughout the streets, alongside shops and cafés. There are brands of shoes made in Felgueiras that are a great success abroad, such as in Italy, a country that is closely linked to fashion, or other markets further afield, such as Australia, Canada and even New Zealand.

Here's a tip for you: if you visit Felgueiras, look for this city's traditional embroidery. This sector employs a large proportion of the country's embroiderers. You'll be able to find genuine hand-made embroidery, produced with the utmost care and dedication.

Felgueiras is also a landmark for the region’s Vinho Verde (Green Wine).