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Porto’s centre was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and the title is well deserved. With its tradition of wine making, magnificent Baroque architecture, distinct local cuisine and stunning vistas, this city has an abundance of culture. Most of the churches, museums, shops and squares are smack-dab in the centre of town.

But there’s more to Porto than just the centre. When the weather permits, the beaches are perfect for a dip in the sea or to stroll along after dining in a local café or restaurant. Foz and Matosinhos are marvellous seaside locales. Foz is a good place to catch a little art and culture, while Matosinhos is renowned for its mouth-watering fish, which might be thrashing about on your plate (not really, but it’s damn fresh).

There are several official Tourism Offices in the city, as well as private companies offering tours by day and by night. Stretch your legs in Ribeira and you’ll garner an array of choices for river cruises heading up the Douro. You can also catch a boat in Vila Nova de Gaia after sampling some Pot wine. Tourism is a vital part of the local economy, and the Portoenses (the people living in Porto) know how to treat their guests.