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Porto Weather

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When is the best time to go to Porto? Well, Porto is a city to be visited at any time of the year. The weather might be cooler or hotter, but it is always a pleasant city to visit and with the same charm. The colour of the city might change, but not it's magical essence!

Once you've chosen the time of year, now it's time to plan your visit to this magnificent city, taking into account the city or country in which you live. Porto Airport (Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro) is 11 kilometres from the city centre and various airlines fly here, including low-cost ones. Once you've landed in Porto, there are various means of transport to continue your journey, such as the metro, buses, rent-a-car, taxis and shuttle. There's even a bus connection Vigo - Airport - Vigo. If you prefer, you can also make an online reservation for a private transfer to your hotel.

Are you coming from Europe or another continent? In Passports/Visas you'll find the information you need to be able to travel to Porto without any hiccups.

And after all the tearing around, planning your journey, packing your bags and travelling, here you finally breathe a sigh of relief and you're in Porto! And now, how to get around in and out of the city? If you're not keen on walking, or if the place you've chosen to visit for the day is too far to walk, then apart from all the transport previously mentioned, there are also ferries, trains and trams. To get to know the immensity and beauty of the Douro River, you can take a cruise on the Douro River, which can last for just a few hours or even several days, if the destination is Spain, for example.

Porto is also a city, which can be reached by sea. The Port of Leixões is where the cruise ships dock when stopping in this city.