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If you’re planning on riding in a taxi, have some idea about the route you’re taking (check a map or ask a local) to ensure that you won’t be ripped off. When travelling by taxi a lot, you probably will be ripped off once or twice, but at least this way you can avoid excessive gouging. Night taxis cost more because of their surcharge.

No matter where you’re headed, fasten your seatbelt. The taxi drivers in Porto keep their feet to the pedals (and we don’t mean the brakes). Cabs zoom around the centre all the time, and they’re easy to grab, but if that frightens you, rest assured. Most of the stations and major squares have taxi stands. If you need to book ahead, here are a few options:

Invicta Radio Taxis, Tel: 22 500 2693

Oporto Radio Taxis, Tel: 22 507 3900

Radio Taxis Os Unidos, Tel: 22 502 9898