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By train, you can get from Porto to various destinations within the district, to other parts of the country and even further! In Porto, there are the city connections (for everyday trips), the long distance service (linking cities) and the regional service (that links up with the big cities and from these to the long distance services). There is also the international service, connecting Porto to other European cities.

Porto’s main railway stations are São Bento and Campanhã. Campanhã is the busier of the two while São Bento is the most central.

By using the urban trains you can travel to the cities that are nearer to Porto, such as Vila Nova de Gaia, Espinho, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro or Guimarães.

In order to travel by train, remember that you must always buy the ticket before boarding the train, in the identified sales areas or from the automatic machines.