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Porto was the first city on the Iberian Peninsula to operate an electric tram system. Alas, the buses and metro have taken its place, but there are still a few tramlines in service. Most notable are lines 1, 1E and 18. Line 1 stretches from Ribeira out to Foz and Line 1E loops between Rua do Infante Dom Henrique and Matosinhos. Line 18 rolls from Hospital Geral Santo António toward Foz, then up the coast to the Castelo do Queijo. The historic trams, decked out in polished wood and burgundy vinyl, aren’t the quickest way to see the city, but maybe the most scenic.

The Funicular dos Guindais climbs a hill on the east side of the Ponte de Dom Luís. Catch the funicular near the base of the bridge. The ride affords panoramic views of the metal span and the river.