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Porto Weather

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Porto reinvents itself every season of the year, so you can visit this city at any time of the year!

Springtime is milder and the weather is more reliable. The sun still shines and rain is more infrequent. The same applies to the beginning of Autumn.

In the Summer, even though average temperatures are about 25ºC, they often rise above 30 or 35ºC! So, if you like the heat and beaches, this is a good time to visit Porto and relax on the beaches of Foz, enjoy outside meals in the restaurants overlooking the sea or even take advantage of the many festivals that take place at this time of year, such as the open-air music festivals…although the summer season really begins with the famous popular festival of São João (St. John), when the streets fill with people, music, aromas and colours. If you have no problem travelling in peak season when you will undoubtedly find everywhere slightly more crowded, then don’t hesitate to visit Porto at the hottest time of the year!

Winter in Porto is synonymous with cold and rain. Jackets, scarves, hats and umbrellas should make up part of the attire you bring in your suitcase. However, if this sort of weather does not bother you, if you are the type of person who likes a cooler climate and walks in the rain, then go ahead and book your holidays during the colder months!

For more information, see Porto’s weather and climate page in this guide.