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Porto Weather

Check out Porto’s live PTZ streaming webcam from the riverfront shop "La Paz" in Ribeira, the historic centre of Porto, Portugal, which faces the Douro River and overlooks Vila Nova de Gaia.

As the camera moves towards the southern bank of the Douro River, Vila Nova de Gaia comes into view. This area is famous for housing numerous port wine cellars, inviting visitors to take tours and enjoy tastings of excellent wines. Renowned names such as Sandeman, Ramos Pinto, Taylor's, and Graham's contribute to Gaia's reputation as a hub for the production and aging of port wine.

Along the river, there are numerous boat tour cruises and ferry companies that offer a variety of sightseeing tours, ranging from short "mini cruises" to longer trips lasting one or seven days..

As you gaze across the river, you will witness the Serra do Pilar Monastery (Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar) standing proudly on the opposite bank, adding to the historical allure of the landscape. Here visitors can enjoy magnificent views over Ribeira do Porto, Gaia, Arrábida Bridge, D. Luis Bridge, São João Bridge, and the area of Fontainhas.