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Do you need a lawyer or an accountant? Do you need to go to a bank or take out an insurance? A notary to certify a copy or recognise a company? Or a place to hold your meeting, event or conference? In Porto you will find everything you need, whether from the perspective of a business traveller or as a visitor, resident or future resident of this city. 

If you visit the city of Porto on business, at your disposal you will find several banks, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants or notaries to help you whatever your requirements are. Here there are several institutions to support investiment and implementation of opportunities. Due to its geographical location (north of the country, whose airport is only 11 kilometres from the city centre and on the West Coast of Europe), this is a city that can serve as a platform for their business, not forgetting that the fact that it is a region with great development in various sectors of activity.

With regard to banks for example, the head office of Banco Português de Investimento (BPI), one of the most solid private Portuguese banks, is in Porto. Evidence of the bank’s solidity is reflected in the many awards it has received, namely Best Bank 2013 and 2014 and nomination, for two consecutive years, as Best Large Bank, Most Solid Bank and Most Lucrative Bank and, for the first time, the bank that has shown most growth in the Large Banks category of the Banca & Seguros Exame 2014 awards. For the second consecutive year, in 2015 BPI was also elected Trusted Brand in the banking sector a distinction created 15 years ago by Readers’ Digest. This bank’s head office is located in Ramalde, in Porto, and you may find the best solutions for your investments and savings in any of the bank’s branches. For more information see www.bancobpi.pt/particulares.

If you need a place to hold your business meeting, prepare an event or even a conference, in Porto there is a wide range of enjoyable choices, present here in this guide.