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An internationally successful business. The Luís Onofre luxury women's brand of shoes and accessories has long crossed the Portuguese borders and is now present in all the continents and worn by celebrities such as Penélope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Paris Hilton, Queen Letizia of Spain, Princess Victoria of Sweden or the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.

This brand first appeared on the market in 1999. Luís Onofre had already been linked to footwear for a long time, as he is from the third generation of a family working in this industry since 1939.

Luís Onofre was born in Oliveira de Azeméis, the town where his factory is located that produces the models of this brand and which dates back to the days of his grandmother, Conceição Rosa Pereira e Cª Lda. He took the Footwear Styling Course at the Footwear Industry Professional Training Centre in São João da Madeira (see video), after graduating in Fine Arts, in Porto. The key strengths of this brand are its high quality, daintiness and sophistication, where all the materials used are carefully selected, combining innovation and technology with a detailed, hand-crafted production.

As this is a brand that firmly believes that the design of a shoe is a project that links technique with inspiration, the results couldn't be better and that's why Luís Onofre is one of the top favourites when it comes to one of women's passions - shoes.

Currently, Luís Onofre exports 97% of its production and is present in many parts of the world, such as Spain, Holland, Belgium, Russia, France, Germany, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Angola, Mongolia, Dubai, Nigeria and China, among others. Proof that the excellence of these products has conquered international markets!

Before launching his own brand, Luís Onofre, who also designs other luxurious accessories, such as handbags, had already even created collections for foreign brands such as Kenzo and Cacharel, where he learnt the importance of choosing high-quality raw materials and linking innovation with technology and specialised labour, combining mechanised production with more hand-crafted techniques.

He has already received several awards in Italy, such as the Prestige Collection Award, attributed in Milan at MICAM, the biggest and most prestigious footwear fair in the world.

Luís Onofre shoes are loved for their combination of high quality materials and stylish design, enhancing the woman who wears them. Each model is unique and can be worn for a wide variety of occasions, from the most glamorous event to everyday life.