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Porto is a city that is synonymous with good food and wine, of course. As it is a coastal city, you must try some delicious fresh grilled fish, or one of the typical salt cod dishes. However, when we're talking about this city, there are two dishes that immediately spring to mind: the 'francesinha' (a special toasted sandwich with a secret recipe sauce) and 'tripas à moda do Porto' (Porto-style tripe)! You really cannot go to Porto and not taste these specialities. If that happened, it would be like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!

If you sit down to relish these specialities at lunch time, then it's best to go shopping afterwards, to help your digestion! Look out for the city's typical handicrafts, or if you prefer, there are various shopping centres in the city, with a wide range of shops, if you prefer a large space where everything is under one roof. If you are looking for something more exclusive and chic, Avenida da Boavista is the best place, as it has high-end brands like Dolce & Gabanna and Versace.

If you have a heavy dinner, then we advise you to wind down and go out for some fun. There are dozens of bars and discotheques all over Porto – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

During the day, there's a lot for you to discover in Porto, from museums to other cultural events, such as festivals and concerts, theatre, dance or how about a classical music concert, for example, in the impressive Casa da Música?

If you are a tourist who is also a football fan, and are always curious about visiting the stadiums of the local teams, you'll be impressed by the Estádio do Dragão, home to the city's main team, the internationally renowned Futebol Clube do Porto.