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You can indulge your cravings for classical music at the Casa da Música. With their composers in residency program, and an eclectic mix of visiting ensembles (in addition to the National Orchestra), the Casa da Música is the premier spot for classical and contemporary melodies.

Porto’s Music Conservatory has produced some remarkable talent over the years, and many of the city’s artists often come home to play for the local crowds. Performances are given at the Auditorio Nacional Carlos Alberto, a great venue for classical piano and the Rivoli Teatro Municipal. There’s also the Teatro Nacional Sao João, which hosts all kinds of music, including classical.

In May, the Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Santo Tirso is held in Santo Tirso, a small town northeast of Porto, on the way to Guimarães. Classical guitarists from across the globe come to captivate fans with their six stringed instruments.