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Founded in 1992 with the objective of displaying a large collection of trams and other vehicles, such as goods vehicles, of great historic value and which are part of the country’s heritage, Museu do Carro Eléctrico enables visitors to get a birds-eye view of the history and development of the tramway public transport in the city of Porto.

This museum offers visitors Educational Services, a Collection Management Service and a Documentation Centre where you'll find everything about the history of Porto and the development of the city's transport system. You'll be able to travel in time here!

The museum owes its existence to the dedication of a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about this means of transport and who wish to preserve the trams for their historic value. It is situated within a building, which used to be the Massarelos Thermoelectric Power Station, which was built in 1915 to produce energy for the electric vehicles that were used in the city.

Here's an amusing thing: this museum has a fleet of trams from 1920/1930 that have been completely restored and which can be rented for trips on the Marginal Line, the Restauração Line and the Batalha Line, enabling you to really go back in time! These three lines are the most famous routes in Porto.

This museum also has a large archive of photographs documenting the history of this transport and its development.

Location: Alameda Basílio Teles, 51, Porto
Opening hours: Exhibition temporarily closed.