18:25:39 Thursday, 18th April

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After a hard day’s work, the inhabitants of Porto like to go out and play. There are heaps of bars and clubs to unwind in, or dance your stress away. With a blend of venues serving beer, cocktails and wine, you can whoop it up all night long. Porto is a city where the merrymakers tend to be rather fickle, always looking for the next ‘it’ place.

The hottest spot this year might be completely empty and the verge of bankruptcy the following year. Don’t worry about the trends. There’s a high concentration of clubs on streets like Rua Galeria de Paris or Rua Passos Manuel.

If you’re not satisfied with one particular scene, simply cross the street and find another. There are plenty of bars interspersed among the clubs, giving you a chance to rest before rushing off to the next wave of sound. We’ve listed some of the trendiest places (for the time being) here. So get your beer money out, put on your dancing shoes and head out into Porto after dark.