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You can pick up azulejos or painted tiles in shops all over town. These hand-painted ceramics are available in Porto and other Portuguese cities. Tiles and the tile industry are an important part of Portugal’s heritage.

Colourful wooden toys from Valongo, a small town nestled in Grande Porto, are sold in craft stores downtown. Wooden animals, puppets and vehicles number among the brinquedos (toys) you’ll come across. Valongo also produces blackboards and other objects comprised of black shale, which comes from local quarries. For ceramic goods, head over to Rua Miguel Bombarda and check out the quirky artwork on display, crafted by local artisans.

Filigree is the art of working gold and silver into lacy pieces for ornamental decoration and jewellery. The craft is still practiced in Gondomar, a small town east of Porto. Gondomar has produced filigree for centuries. The town is renowned for its fine jewellery, which you can buy in Porto.