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While you’re in Boavista, pay a call on Bull and Bear (Avenida da Boavista 3431) for some marinated sea bass. The restaurant’s name comes from its proximity to Porto’s stock exchange. Traditional Portuguese recipes are fused with international flavours, creating some delightful new dishes, although it’s not the cheapest place in town.

Capa Negra II (Rua do Campo Alegre 191) is a few blocks south of the Casa da Música. This joint specializes in Francesinhas and Portuguese cuisine. It’s a fast moving place with a busy, yet laidback quality. Come here to relax and stuff yourself with meat, while knocking back a few brews.

Kool is really cool. The restaurant is up the lift on the seventh floor of the Casa da Música. The name comes from Rem Koolhaas, the building’s architect. Natural light, fusion cuisine and an arty climate prevail, with the city’s movers and shakers frequenting the tables.

For something different, drop in on Hellenikon and savour some delectable Greek flavours (Rua de São Dinis 205). It’s northeast of Boavista Avenue and the Casa da Música, half a dozen blocks away. Greek salads, grilled meats and yoghurt rule the day.