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Foz is a parish at the mouth of the Douro, right next to the Atlantic, with fine seaside dining away from Porto’s busy centre.

Foz Velha (Esplanada do Castelo, 141) is a classy establishment with a reddish interior. The food is contemporary, a mix of local fare and international recipes, served in a cosy setting, which used to be a family residence.

Café Bonaparte (Avenida do Brasil, 130) is across the avenue from Praia da Luz (Light Beach). It’s a British tavern pouring foreign beer and a variety whiskey with a great pub menu and a hip clientele.

Cafeína (Rua do Padrão 100) is famous for its Italian and Portuguese cuisine. The exterior is covered in black and yellow tiles, hard to miss. Duck, prawns and steak are prepared with the utmost care, but you’ll have to pay for the privilege of tasting these culinary delights inside this 19th century manor house.

Casa d'Oro (Rua do Ouro 797) is just past the Ponte da Arrábida on the way to Foz (not actually in Foz). Large glass windows surround the dinning room, offering sublime views of the bridge and river. Enjoy Italian dishes while gazing at the traffic floating by. The ground floor provides a more formal dining experience. If you want to avoid the beau monde, head upstairs to the laidback pizzeria.

Shis (Esplanada do Castelo) is right on the beach. This restaurant specializes in sushi and appetizing salads, topped off with a relaxed beach atmosphere. If you’re not in the mood for sushi, they also serve Portuguese cuisine. Come for the food and stay for the vistas over the river and the sea.