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Matosinhos is a fishing town up the coast from Foz. Take the metro from downtown Porto and you’re there twenty minutes later. It’s a great place for fresh fish and seafood, due to its proximity to the fishing fleets in the harbour.

Different types of food are also on the offer, to whet your appetite. Da Terra (Rua Doutor Afonso Cordeiro 71) is a vegetarian restaurant making use of organic ingredients in their wide-ranging buffet. Vegetarian sushi, soup, Cordon Bleu made with tofu… you get the idea.

Degusto (Rua Sousa Aroso 540-544) is a modern looking restaurant (plus a wine bar and wine shop) with an affable vibe, specializing in seafood.

D'Oliva Al Forno (Rua Brito e Cunha, 354,) is a trendy spot in Matosinhos cooking Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The place is a little expensive, but the chic clientele seem to be pretty happy.

Bring your appetite for fish and your wallet to O Gaveto (Rua Roberto Ivens 8260). They’ve been in business for a while, keeping the tradition of cooking Portuguese style fish alive (but not the fish).

Salta-Ó-Muro (Rua Heróis França 386) has a rough looking exterior, but marvellous food inside. It’s situated right next to the harbour in Matosinhos, so you know the local catch is fresh, and the fish won’t cost you an arm and a leg.