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Down by the riverside, there’s no shortage of places to go for a quick snack, or to grab a proper meal.

Chez Lapin (Rua dos Canastreiros 40-42) is a mellow brassiere with outdoor seating next to the Praça da Ribeira, by the water’s edge. From duck rice, roasted pork and lamb to cod and octopus, you’ll have a wide selection of food to indulge in.

Dom Tonho (Cais da Ribeira 13) serves up an ambrosial kind of cuisine, with splendid views of the river. Rui Veloso, a popular songwriter from Porto, opened Dom Tonho. Mr. Veloso paid homage to his city with the melody ‘Porto Sentido.’ Celebrities and political figures break bread together in this fancy restaurant.

Giroflee (Rua Nova da Alfândega 1) is a restaurant and art gallery cooking a blend of snazzy Portuguese food with an international flair. The meals are presented in their classy dining room under some rather mood-altering light.

Vinhas D’Alho (Muro Dos Bacalhoeiros, 139) is burrowed away on a narrow walkway just west of Praça da Ribeira. They have quite a large wine cellar and specialize in traditional Portuguese cuisine.