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Porto is a fantastic city, sloping down to the Douro River in a cascade of granite and red roof-tops, but there's so much more to see than this unique landscape! With the different areas, each one with its own history and wealth, historic buildings, famous streets, squares and the gardens in the centre, for you to relax in the middle of your sightseeing, you'll never be bored in Porto! Summons all your energy, pick up the map and explore the city!

There are areas in Porto that you really shouldn’t fail to visit: the picturesque Ribeira, where you can stroll along the edge of the Douro River, or the exquisite, golden beaches of Foz. Here's a suggestion: you must have a bite at one of the seaside restaurants in Matosinhos...

If you are interested in art history or admire historic buildings, Porto is the ideal city, with its buildings with their baroque, rococó, gothic, Art Nouveau and neoclassical architecture, such as the Sé do Porto (cathedral), Igreja de São Francisco and Torre dos Clérigos. The Historic Centre of the city wasn't classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 for nothing! It is an urban ensemble of rare beauty. Don’t miss it!

You can also feel Porto's history in its narrow, bustling streets, some of them filled with traditional shops, which are so characteristic! For example, Rua de Santa Catarina is really famous for its shops, cafés, pastry shops and restaurants, which stretch for over 1,500 metres. This road is for pedestrians only, so there are thousands of people intermingling, going to and from work, going for a walk and shopping.

To relax after the commotion of the city, there's nothing better than a stroll through one of the city's gardens, such as Parque da Cidade, where just as in the New York TV series, you'll see parents pushing strollers, or people out jogging, as this is where sports-lovers like to come.