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As you will be sure to need a break to relax and have a more leisurely stroll in contact with nature, Porto has a wide variety of gardens and parks for you to visit.

The most well-known of them all is Parque da Cidade, which is actually the largest urban park in the country, covering 783 hectares and around 10 kilometres of paths!

In this park you'll find lakes and a huge variety of plants, all in keeping with the lovely city of Porto. In 2000, the Portuguese Order of Engineers considered this park to be one of the '100 most remarkable works built in the 20th century in Portugal.' Sea Life Center, an oceaniarium open to the public, is also within the park.

Parque de Serralves, within Fundação Serralves, displays a huge variety of plants and trees and has a lake and a meadow. It is so vast and interesting that it's easy to spend the whole day there!

If you're looking for a lovely spot with a beautiful view, as a refuge from the bustling city, the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal are an excellent idea.

However, you'll be spoilt for choice in Porto. Check out the many options for a break in Porto.