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Foz is a quaint and upscale parish at the mouth of the Douro. The proper name is Foz do Douro, but the locals simply refer to it has ‘Foz.’ The shoreline is spattered with rock outcroppings interspersed among the sandy beaches, and there’s a great geological walk labelled with signs, right by the parish’s cafés and restaurants. The Castelo de São João da Foz (an old 16th century fort) is next to the breakwater, near a small lighthouse marking the Douro’s exit into the Atlantic.

There is a ‘Foz’ style as far as attitude and fashion. Everyone in Porto knows what that means. People with money tend to live here, but the district is still pleasant and inviting, no matter your social status. One of Porto’s historic tramlines begins ends at the Jardim do Passeio Alegre (Happy Strolling Gardens). If you have the time and fancy the seaside, give Foz a try.