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  • Paços Ferreira
  • Paços Ferreira

Paços de Ferreira is a city in the district of Porto and is considered to be the 'Furniture Capital', as it has so many industries connected to that sector. Some hazard a guess that there are over four thousand!

There is even a large fair in this city named the 'Furniture Capital', considered to be the biggest showcase and to have the widest offer of furniture in the country. Normally, each edition brings together about a hundred exhibitors, displaying various styles of furniture.

Aiming to show just how important this industry is for this city, the local City Council created the brand, 'European Furniture Capital'. This is where furniture is top among the exports.

But it's not only furniture that is produced in Paços de Ferreira. Recently, a company in the furniture sector had an innovative idea and set out on an adventure to create...spectacle frames in wood! The brand created by this company is called Natural Look. 

There are also other points of interest in this city. For example, the most important monument, well worth visiting, is the Citânia de Sanfins, ruins that were discovered in 1950, which show us what a 2nd century BC fortified village was like, which was a typical type of village in the Copper and Iron Ages. There is also a fortified nucleus here that was rebuilt to show us what the houses were like at that time. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum, which has free entrance, where the archaeological findings from the entire municipality are on display, such as pieces of pottery, gold, silver and bronze coins.