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  • Vila do Conde
  • Vila do Conde

If you like the beach and enjoy the tradition sea people, then away from the centre of Porto, Vila do Conde is the ideal city!

This city, built on the coast with Rio Ave further south, is very old and dates back to before Portugal was founded. You can travel along its 18 kilometres of coastline and beaches and experience the hospitality of the local people.

During the hottest season, this municipality has many different things to offer for a great day at the beach, providing all the main support to bathers, such as toilets, beach-bars, café-terraces, showers, lifeguards and first-aid posts. Praia Azurara, Mindelo and Árvore are the most well-known beaches.

Apart from the beaches, in Vila do Conde you can experience the other side of this city, from cuisine, the beauty of the landscape, the archaeological heritage and monuments, among others. Here there is a more urban side and a more rural side of the parishes, which can be explored on foot, by car or bike! In fact, this city has a bicycle rental service, offering locals and visitors a sustainable and healthy means of transport!