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A lovely place for a walk by the Douro River and a fantastic view of the historic centre of Porto on the other bank... Nowadays, Cais de Gaia is a tourist attraction, and has a number of restaurants, bars and cafés where you can relax and spend some quality time!

Cais de Gaia played a very important part in Porto's history due to Port Wine, as this was the place where the rabelo boats would dock and the barrels of wine were offloaded and taken to the cellars, but also because it was from here that Port Wine started to be exported and where the import trade of various other goods took place. Nowadays, it is from this quay that the Douro River cruises depart, carrying people on its vast waters where they can admire the unique landscape of the valleys of the Douro, where Port Wine is produced.

Due to a major remodelling project that was finalised in 2003 and which made this quay a delightful spot for both leisure and tourism, this place won the ‘Prémio Turismo – Valorização do Espaço Público’ (Tourism Award - Added value to a Public Space)

Along with restaurants, bars and cafés, there is also a square where lots of musical events take place, especially during the warm, summer evenings.

Apart from the amazing view of Porto's historic centre, you can also admire the traditional rabelo boats from Cais de Gaia. No visit to this side of the river would be complete without a tour of the Port Wine Cellars.

For more panoramic views of the surrounding scenery, the best idea is to take a ride on the cable car, which links the upper deck of Ponte D. Luís (the old bridge) to Cais de Gaia. The journey lasts around five minutes and is a different and charming way of going up the river, admiring the beauty of the historic area of Porto, and the Porto Wine Cellars on the Gaia side. It's a unique journey between Gaia and Ponte D. Luís.

You can also reach Cais de Gaia on foot, by car, taxi or bus from the historic area of Porto, by crossing the lower deck of Ponte D. Luís.