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Rua da Cedofeita is well-known as a shopping street, especially for traditional shopping, as it has individual shops and brands that you won't find in the shopping centres.

Many of them are old shops that have been surviving for a long time, selling clothes, toys, shoes or homeware in a traditional style just as they used to in the old days.

It extends for about 840 metres, from Praça de Carlos Alberto to Rua da Boavista. History tells us that it was created right back in the 6th century, when the city was still under the remit of the Suevi, a group of Germanic people, who settled in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

There are a number of buildings in Rua da Cedofeita that are classified as a Building of Public Interest, so they are well worth seeing if you are an admirer of art and architecture. As the city gradually changed, Rua da Cedofeita also underwent some alterations. Nevertheless, this road had been gradually gaining a new lease of life and has now become the famous road it once was.

Part of it is a pedestrian area paved in the traditional Portuguese ‘calçada’, the black and white granite paving!