18:28:26 Thursday, 18th April

This is one of the trendiest roads in Porto, especially if we're talking about the nightlife.

Rua Galeria de Paris is full of history, but it's mostly at night that it comes to life, as in the last few years, bars and more bars, clubs and restaurants of all descriptions have been popping up.

If you want to relax, have a drink and listen to good music, then your journey will take you to the beginning of a long night at Rua Galeria de Paris.

Situated next to Torre dos Clérigos, at night, the clientele from the bars congregate in the streets, especially on warm evenings, to chat in the middle of the pavement, with a glass in their hand. However, even on the coldest nights, the streets are full of people. Sometimes, with so many people, it's hard to see the ground!