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If you're an art-lover, you must go to Rua Miguel Bombarda! It starts at Rua da Cedofeita and ends at Rua da Boa Nova, it is known for being a nucleus of art galleries, alternative shops and a meeting place for art-lovers and new concepts.

Miguel Bombarda, who the street is named after, was an illustrious doctor connected to the republican regime in Portugal. Nowadays, this street is one of the city's main thoroughfares, as there are dozens of art galleries there. At least six times a year, the art galleries organise simultaneous openings by Portuguese and foreign artists, including a variety of entertainment, attracting different types of public, such as art investors, artists, art-lovers and many on-lookers.

In this street, which is about 650 metres long, you will also find many restaurants, book stores and other shops, selling articles of design, music, alternative furniture and fashion, among others. These shops remain open at night and there's plenty of music and entertainment.

Rua Miguel Bombarda used to be a street that had been quite forgotten but is now an attractive, young, modern, trendy area, which triggered others to also undergo transformation.