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Did you know that there is a festival, the festas populares de São João (the popular festival of São John), in Porto that attracts thousands of people to the city’s streets? And that the local academic festival, the Queima das Fitas do Porto (Porto’s Burning of the Ribbons) is already held to be the city’s second largest festival? And, that there is a fireworks display over the Douro River, on New Year’s Eve? Yes, that’s right! Porto has many fixed traditions and events throughout the year! Depending on the time of year that you come to visit this city that nestles along the banks of the Douro River, you will be able to enjoy what’s on offer in terms of culture, as well as the traditions that characterise it, its festive days or public holidays. Here, in this section you will be able to find the main events that take place in this city as well as some information on its traditions at times like Christmas or the New Year.

Porto’s largest festival is undoubtedly the Festival of São João (St. John), the main festivities culminating on the night of the 23rd June. Many consider it to be the longest night of the year! Offering an intensive programme, this festival transforms the city, filling the city’s main streets with people, a lot of colour, popular music and characteristic aromas, like grilled sardines, the typical delicacy of this festival!

The ‘Burning of the Ribbons’, Porto’s largest academic party, animates the city for an entire week in May. With concerts, open-air food and drink stalls and the university parade, it ends up by attracting the population in general.

But there are many more events where you can enjoy yourself and learn a bit more about various aspects of this city.

If you want amusement and reasons to party, come to Porto, that’s for sure!