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While New Year’s Eve is another excuse to throw a party, it isn’t the city’s biggest jamboree. For that, you’ll have to visit in June for the festival of São João. Of course there’s plenty of celebrating going on the 31st of December. The city puts on a big fireworks display, with the pyrotechnics bursting out over the Douro River. And just like São João, people take to the streets with drinks in hand, milling about or running from bar to bar.

Hotels and Port Wine Cellars host New Year bashes and ‘reveillon banquets’ in honour of the holiday. If fancy parties don’t suit your taste, then venture into the centre and follow the crowds. You can book a river cruise (Reveillon Rio Douro) for a splendid view of the fireworks over the water. If you’re going to spend the evening in a restaurant, make sure and reserve your table well in advance, as places tend to book up early.